Tailor-made sailing lessons for children

Specialising in building confidence and self-esteem through sailing experiences and learning new skills.

Our sailing courses are designed to have a positive effect on children’s self-belief and confidence. Focusing on a ‘can do’ approach to learning sailing skills, Melvyn has developed a successful way of encouraging children to naturally feel better about themselves and their abilities.

His techniques work through positive communication and a sense of humour. Children don’t have to ‘try’ to feel good at sailing, or ‘remember’ to believe in themselves; they simply find themselves feeling these things easily and automatically. Sailing is well known to enhance children’s life skills, providing self-esteem, social skills and hands-on skill based confidence. “Melvyn, you have managed to turn a very reluctant and scared 9 year old boy into a happy and confident sailor! You are a fantastic coach and Thomas will thank you for the many happy sailing years he has ahead of him! A huge thank you.”

At Melvyn Cooper Sailing we offer unique, tailored-made programmes for one-to-one sailing lessons. What to expect from a series of sailing lessons:

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • An optimistic and determined approach to sailing
  • Enthusiasm and a more focused and motivated attitude
  • Positive awareness of the outdoors
  • New friendships and more relaxed with their peers
  • Fun on the water.

For individual advice on life confidence through sailing, e-mail Melvyn Cooper Sailing today.

Melvyn’s calm, kind disposition makes him superb at teaching children. My son’s confidence and ability has improved beyond measure after one day with Melvyn.

Zoe Mountstephen

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