Flexible tuition for dinghy & dayboat

We work together with you to agree your objectives, to tailor a course specific to your own requirements, or to concentrate on particular areas that you wish to improve.

Whilst Melvyn Cooper is a member of Hayling Island Sailing Club in Hampshire, we are more than happy to travel to your sailing club and coach you and/or your family in your own boat. Lessons are available during the week and weekends with full or half day options, at your convenience.

Typical course topics include:


  • Clarify boat controls terminology
  • Check the boat is set up correctly
  • Understand jib tension and initial downhaul, outhaul and kicker settings

Beaufort scale and assessing the local weather

  • Wind
  • Currents
  • Tides
  • Waves

Launch and recovery techniques

  • Practice leaving and returning ashore

Upwind and tacking skills

  • Focus on developing these skills
  • The different tacking techniques
  • Hiking out
  • Use of tell tails and the burgee

Implementing the five essentials

  • Sail trim
  • Balance
  • Boat trim
  • Centerboard/daggerboard
  • Course sailed

Downwind and gybing skills

  • Developing teamwork and communication skills
  • The five essentials in practice and gybing safely

Spinnaker work

  • Rigging the spinnaker
  • Smooth and efficient hoists and drops
  • Hoist/drop safety zone
  • Communication skills
  • Implement gybing with Asymmetric spinnaker

Man overboard (MOB)

  • Focusing on boat handling skills for this situation

Capsize drill (on the shore)

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Thank you for the passion and energy you put into building confidence and sailing skills whilst making it fun to simultaneously build enthusiasm and enjoyment – a great formula!

John Mawdsley

Melvyn Cooper Sailing tick for tack
Melvyn Cooper Sailing tick for gybe