Learn to sail – the foundation skills

Melvyn Cooper Sailing offers ‘Learn to sail’ from scratch.

This new tuition is aimed at providing the opportunity for people wishing to start sailing. The course focuses on developing an understanding of the essential foundation skills and terminology before going afloat. Melvyn is passionate about teaching people new to sailing and building confidence to enjoy their time on the water. By learning the fundamental skills of sailing it will prepare your journey ahead with important knowledge and experience. Flexible daytime midweek lessons are available in the comfort of your own home with Melvyn Cooper Sailing. No experience of sailing, owning a boat or belonging to a sailing club is necessary.

Learn to sail course is aimed at:

  • Adults new to sailing
  • Adults considering owning their own boat or wishing to hire a boat but with little or rusty sailing experience
  • Parents wishing to understand the theory behind sailing and sailing terminology to help their children

The course programme will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding sailing terminology
  • Parts of a boat and how sails work
  • Points of sailing and the No Go zone
  • Tacking and gybing explained
  • Wind direction / onshore and offshore launching
  • Interpreting local weather forecasts and Cambermet weather reports
  • Understanding the tide and using a tide table
  • Navigation marks and basic rules of the road
  • Knots – Figure of 8 / bowline / clove hitch
  • Understanding communication and teamwork

Contact us today to book ‘Learn to sail’ lessons or to find out more about our flexible timetable by e-mailing Melvyn Cooper Sailing or telephone 01243 370884.

Learn to sail from scratch was first class personal tuition and it launched my sailing dream off to a flying start. I understood the basics even before we went afloat.

Mark Wilkinson

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